Quiet ventures

A tiny NYC-based venture studio above the noise.

We design useful products worth talking about, and build early prototypes for soon-to-be founders looking to quit their day jobs.

Tell us what you're working on: hi@quietventures.com


Daily 10-min coaching calls

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make my mom a website
Simple websites, for moms

build together

What we can do for you:
Build the first real beta/MVP of your app or service.

Who we help:
We partner with people thinking about quitting their day job to launch a startup. Often they already work in tech, but some are consultants and lawyers too.

Who we are:
A full-stack developer & an entrepreneurship professor. We've both building successful startups the past 5 years. Consider us your first CTO.

Why we're different
We're not an overpriced "dev shop" that's looking to take your money, and then code something bloated & overbuilt. We're a lean, two-man team that values simplicity and builds fast. Always for a flat fee. We're fellow founders who want your idea to take off so you can quit your day job. We sit next to you, nights & weekends, building together. We're also upfront: most projects are in the $20k-30k range + 1% equity.

See if collaborating is a fit
Put 20 minutes on our calendar -- we'll give you all the free advice on building we can (regardless of whether we end up partnering). Always happy to sign an NDA too; we can shoot one over if you ask.

Talk product with us