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A tiny NYC-based venture studio above the noiseWe launch dependable software products that do one or two things exceptionally well. Mostly for ourselves, but occasionally for others.If you'd like to explore what collaboration looks like, drop us a note with a few sentences on what you're building.


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build together

What we can do for you:
Build the first real beta/MVP of your app or service.

Who we help:
We partner with people thinking about quitting their day job to launch a startup. Often they already work in tech, but some are consultants and lawyers too.

Who we are:
A full-stack developer & an entrepreneurship professor. We've both building successful startups the past 5 years. Consider us your first CTO.

Why we're different
We're not an overpriced "dev shop" that's looking to take your money, and then code something bloated & overbuilt. We're a lean, two-man team that values simplicity and builds fast. Always for a flat fee. We're fellow founders who want your idea to take off so you can quit your day job. We sit next to you, nights & weekends, building together. We're also upfront: most projects are in the $20k-30k range + 1% equity.

See if collaborating is a fit
Put 20 minutes on our calendar -- we'll give you all the free advice on building we can (regardless of whether we end up partnering). Always happy to sign an NDA too; we can shoot one over if you ask.

build together

Who we help:
CEOs of tech companies, exclusively.

What we can do for you:
We're obsessed with getting first versions of pet projects off the ground and out into the world. We build the first beta version in a month, for a flat cost.

Why we're different
We're not a "dev shop." More like your personal Google X. We're founders, renegades, hackers, and builders who don't think any idea is too crazy, and want to create v1.0 of yours at lightning speeds ⚡️


Who we help:
We primarily work with VCs and vc-backed startups

What we can do for you:
All manners of support to create curated gatherings worth talking about

Want to work together? Send a note with what you're thinking about to [email protected]

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